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How to Build Meaningful Relationships by Knowing Yourself

Empowered Entrepreneur

In this episode of Empowered Entrepreneur, I chat with Daniela Hartmann, the creator of the GRID Method, a powerful tool for building meaningful relationships. We discuss how the GRID Method can help you become more authentic to yourself, attract your ideal clients, and improve your relationship marketing. We also talk about how the GRID Method is important in both personal and professional life. Guest Bio Daniela Hartmann’s lifelong passion is to study and navigate cultures, work environments, and political and spiritual belief systems worldwide. Having worked as a journalist, and United Nations (UN) employee and immersed herself for over 20 years in Tibetan Buddhist philosophy, she has lived in eight countries on four continents and traveled all over the globe. She now has woven the strands of her learnings and experiences into The GRID BluePrint to assist influential leaders to actualize their individual recipes of inner truth and guidance. In close collaboration with her clients, she guides their exploration of their personal notions of growth, responsibility, integrity, and diversity to embody heart-centered leadership in a rapidly changing world.

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