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July Event: Walking ourselves Home

Daniela Hartmann’s lifelong passion is to study and navigate cultures, work environments, political and spiritual belief systems worldwide. Having worked as a journalist, United Nations (UN) employee and immersed herself for over 20 years in Tibetan Buddhist philosophy, she has lived in eight countries in four continents and travelled all over the globe. She now has woven the strands of her learnings and experiences into The GRID BluePrint to assist influential leaders to actualise their individual recipes of inner truth and guidance. In close collaboration with her clients, she guides their exploration of their personal notions of growth, responsibility, integrity and diversity to embody heart-centred leadership in a rapidly changing world.



Instagram: The_grid_blueprint


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Your host, Janine Kathleen loves words and understanding the magic we are able to create with them.

Janine is the founder of Janine Kathleen offering Personal Leadership Coaching and Psychic Healing helping women 42 + to remember who you are and to become the Future self you choose to be by resetting your mindset, heartset and gutset.

Janine helps you work with your karmic energy and move forward with ease and joy into a life of fulfilment.

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