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Leaders With A Heart

My latest interview this time with my friend Lorenzo Payman

Greetings Fellow Leaders With A Heart, in this episode, I am talking with Daniela Hartmann. We were both part of the multi authored book titled, Revolutionary Leaders with Mary Gooden, my dear friend and Publisher.

That book was launched in July of 2022. We connected towards the end of June 2023 and had a fun conversation and I knew that I had to bring her into the podcast. She's based in Germany but she worked for the UN and as a result of that's he traveled and lived around the world, New York, Geneva, Switzerland, Pretoria, South Africa. She lived in Nepal and went to India to study Buddhism and worked there as a translator. She was based in Malaysia for a while as a translator.

She's now working to amplify her impact. She's working with people in positions of leaderships and is helping them to bring authenticity to the workforce, connecting first of all to themselves, then to their team and showing up to authentically to the world. She's also published a book of her own, titled The Grid, available on Amazon.

Daniela Hartmann’s lifelong passion is to study and navigate cultures, work environments, political and spiritual belief systems worldwide. Having worked as a journalist, United Nations (UN) employee and immersed herself for over 20 years in Tibetan Buddhist philosophy, she has lived in eight countries in four continents and travelled all over the globe.

She now has woven the strands of her learnings and experiences into The GRID BluePrint to assist influential leaders to actualise their individual recipes of inner truth and guidance.

In close collaboration with her clients, she guides their exploration of their personal notions of growth, responsibility, integrity and diversity to embody heart-centred leadership in a rapidly changing world.

This is a fun conversation with a woman with a beautiful and powerful story, a big heart and a mission that is all about doing good. A true and authentic Leader With A Heart. Give this episode a listen and a watch, you'll fully enjoy it.

Best way to connect with Daniela:

Insta: the_grid_blueprint


Free discovery session:

Timestamps: 00:00 - Intro. 02:09 - How Is Your Day Today? 02:29 - Who's Daniela? 04:10 - What Makes You Happy? 04:26 - What Makes You Smile? 04:37 - What Makes Your Soul Come Alive? 05:18 - What Makes You Sad & Angry? 05:55 - What Scares Daniela? 06:13 - Your Number One Personal Super Power. 06:44 - As A Kid, What Did You Want To Become Growing Up? 08:22 - Did You Like School As A Young Kid? 09:03 - Your Favorite Subject In School. 09:20 - What Languages Do You Speak? 10:25 - One Subject You Did Not Like. 11:01 - What Type Of Student Were You? 12:00 - Were You Popular With The Boys? 12:15 - What Was Your First Job? 13:36 - Your Path So Far. 14:17 - How Did You Build Self-Confidence? 15:46 - How Did You Change Your Story To Change Your Life? 17:21 - How Did You Get Into The UN? 18:49 - What Factors Made The UN Select You? 19:24 - What Were Your Responsibilities At Work? 20:08 - Which UN Work Locations Did You Go? 21:13 - If You Were Still Working For The UN, Which Country Would You Select For Work? 21:53 - Why Did You Go To India To Study Buddhism? 23:18 - How Did You Go To Malaysia As A Translator? 24:16 - What One Thing Touches You Most About Malaysia? 25:15 - Share Information About Your Book "The Grid". 29:16 - Who Is Your Ideal Client? 31:17 - What Is Your Irresistible Offer? 32:22 - What Is The Structure Of Your Program? 32:53 - What Is The Registration Process Of Your Program? 33:41 - How Do You Get Your Clients? 34:26 - An Example Of The Most Remarkable Transformation From One Of Your Clients So Far. 37:13 - Best & Worst Piece Of Advice You've Received So Far. 38:04 - Number One Advice You'd Give To Your 18 Year Old Self. 38:26 - Do You Have Your Own Podcast? Why? 39:02 - First Question You'd Ask If You Were To Interview Yourself 39:25 - Smallest Thing You've Done That Has Had The Biggest Impact In Your Life. 41:03 - Best Way To Connect With Daniela. 41:25 - Outro

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